Swap a book for the environment


On Saturday, March 23d, at 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm it is Earth Hour around the globe – and at the University of Skövde. This year the theme is "I will if you will" – a challenge that extends beyond the hour.

The University of Skövde has accepted the challenge and aims to contribute to a more sustainable world. The University has, in addition to the task of higher education, research and partnerships with the industry, also the task to promote sustainable development.

- As a University, we have a special mandate to promote sustainable development as well as to make sure that our future generations will inherit a healthy planet with a sustainable economy, social welfare and a fair society. Sustainability is everyone's business and it is based on the participation and commitment of students and staff, says Rector Sigbritt Karlsson.

Sustainable activities at the University

At Balthazar Science Center in Skövde, children and adults can experience a part of the University's environmental research on March 23d. At the site you will find the University's clever garbage truck, as well as researcher and senior lecturer Anna Syberfeldt.

On Thursday, March 21st, the University and the Student Union organizes a Book Swap Day for students and staff. Leftover books and journals from the Book Swap will be donated to charity.

At the moment, about forty of the University's employees participate in a stride race, which contributes to a project to reduce child mortality worldwide. For each participant in the race, a sum is donated to a Save the Children-project.