The European Week in Focus at the University of Skövde


During May 5 - 9, Skövde Municipality joins in on the European Week. During the week, the international students at the University of Skövde will visit several schools and other places for meetings across national borders.


Jennifer Osei, student from The Netherlands, and Frida Lindgren, International coordinator at the University of Skövde meet youth from Skövde during the European Week.

Students from the University of Skövde will visit Nyeport, Flamman and Heneskolan as well as Västerhöjdsgymnasiet (the local high school). The purpose of these meetings is to build bridges across nations between people who live in Skövde, and for the youth to learn about the University's international profile.
– Getting to know people from other countries and culture is so rewarding and really broadens our perspectives. Students at our school have the opportunity of meeting people from all over the world right here in Skövde, due to our many international exchange programmes. I believe that is inspiring to many of our youth. That is why we are very happy that the municipality intived us to take part in this week, says Frida Lindgren, International coordinator at the University of Skövde.

Jennifer left her comfort zone

Currently, 46 students from a number of European schools are studying at the University of Skövde. They come from Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, Poland, Finland, and The Netherlands. One of the exchange students this term is Jennifer Osei from The Netherlands. She is currently taking courses in Swedish and International marketing at the University. Together with Giulia Battiato from Italy, Christian Schmeckthal from Germany, and Abdul Hannan from Pakistan, Giula will meet the youth from Skövde during the European Week.
– I can really recommend studying abroad. And for those of you who are not sure: Go, and keep an open mind! I have had many opportunities to try and see so much, more than I expected. I have gone skiing, visited Norway and Lappland, and seen many amazing places here in Sweden and in Skövde. And more importantly: I have gotten to know so many new and fun people. Going away from home to spend time in a foreign country is all about leaving your comfort zone, but it is so rewarding in the end.

Singing in Swedish

The semester ends on June 2 in Sweden, and then Jennifer will go back to The Netherlands. But before she leaves, she has an honorary assignment to perform. She is singing in the University choir concert for the rest of the students. The title of the song she will perform has also become one of her favourite Swedish phrases: "For the Sake of Love". And, when she summarizes Skövde, her description is also one of love:
– Skövde is a small city with amazing people and ideas. I will definitely remember the time I spent in Skövde for the rest of my life.