The University of Skövde wins Volvo Cars Technology Award 2013


Researchers from the University of Skövde received Volvo Cars Technology Award 2013 last week. The project which received the prize, Holistic Simulation Optimization (HPO), is a collaborative project between Volvo Cars and the University of Skövde, and has been running since 2008. Case studies performed at Volvo Cars constitute the basis for the project.

The researchers involved in the project are Leif Pehrsson, Industrial PhD at Volvo Cars, Amos Ng, Professor and Project Manager at the University of Skövde, and Jacob Bernedixen, Research Assistant at the University of Skövde. The research team has also included two employees at Volvo Cars.

- It feels very rewarding to have our research recognized in this way, says Leif Pehrsson, Project Manager at Volvo Cars. It is a true recognition of how beneficial research can be to the industry and a great example of how collaboration between industry and academia provides innovative solutions that gives companies a competitive edge. It is also an example of the practical applicationof the research area called Virtual Systems at the University of Skövde.

The outcome of the research has brought about a completely new method to eliminate capacity restrictions, or so-called bottlenecks, in the production line. With Holistic Simulation Optimization, Volvo Cars has developed a framework for multi-objective optimization, where it is easy to rank the production improvements needed and the order in which to implement them.

– We have come much further in this research project than we thought possible when we started, says Amos Ng, Professor in Automation Technology, and the next stage in the process is for us to educate the staff at Volvo Cars so they can implement the research throughout the company.