Students from the University of Skövde helps build up the new Vasa


The well-knowned Swedish warship Vasa is withering away, and to reaching the goal of preserving the ship for a thousand years it needs to be saved. Students from the University of Skövde have in their master thesis looked into saving the Vasa from deforming even more.

The last couple of years media has been reporting on the warship Vasa and its sustainability. The museum’s goal is to preserve the ship for a thousand years, but for that they need to give it better support. Today, there are a lot of different studies concerning how to save the Vasa and keep it from withering away. Two students from the University of Skövde have now completed a master thesis that contributes to the studies of the new support system for the Vasa.

Juan Carlos Hurtado Sierra and Marina Muñoz García are two international students from Spain who study at the University of Skövde. For their master thesis they did a structural analysis of the Vasa. Their research is a collaboration with students from Uppsala University. This research is a contribution to the study of the Vasa’s new support system that is planned to be carried out in 2016.

Juan Carlos and Marina have done studies on the structure of the Vasa. They have studied the stiffness in the wood, and also looked at what impact the dowels in the construction have on the outer part of the Vasa. The Vasa’s outer walls are constructed with three layers of wood, which are connected by the dowels. Through looking at the relation between the different layers in the structure, the students could simulate the ship in the computer. First, they simulated a detailed model of some parts of the ship. And later they simulated the whole ship and its structure. The whole simulation of the ship is based on earlier research, the original sketches from the Vasa and their own analysis of the structure.

- The importance of doing a simulation of the whole ship is a big piece in the puzzle of constructing a good support system for the Vasa, says Anders Biel who is mentoring the students through the whole project.

The master thesis is presented by Juan Carlos and Marina the 30th of September, at the University of Skövde, in a public hearing open to those who are interested in learning more about their interesting and important research.

- I understand that this is an important national treasure here in Sweden, and it is fun to help saving it for future generation. Our research is a small part that contributes to something very big, says Juan Carlos Hurtado Sierra.

The vasa
Juan Carlos and Marina

Presentation of the projekt

3:15 pm, the 30th of September
University of Skövde, G house, room 327