University in Sweden Game Arena makes its mark at Game Developers Conference 2016


Sweden Game Arena is one of Europe's premier clusters for education, research and business in games. Home to the largest faculty and student body in Northern Europe in the field of games, the University of Skövde is the heart of this cluster. This year, participants at Game Developers Conference (GDC) will have the opportunity to attend four talks presented by representatives from Skövde and two of these are from the University. The University of Skövde also has a sizeable presence in Sweden Game Arena’s Booth 212 at GDC where visitors will be able to learn about research projects, games and two international Master’s degree programmes in Digital Narration and Serious Games.

One of the talks is about Game Writing. Today there are more than 400 universities, community colleges and trade schools featuring video game courses in North America alone. Yet there is currently only one full track in writing for games. And outside of North America there is only one more – at the University of Skövde in Sweden.

– I am proud to be selected as speaker at GDC. Together with Lee Sheldon, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, we will share: why there are only two game writing programs; how our programs were born; what we have learned as our programs have developed; what our first students have learned; and how other institutions can finally address this disparity and provide the one essential missing piece in video game education: writing, says researcher Marcus Toftedahl.

His colleagues, Per Anders Östblad and Henrik Engström will share insights into how a classic point-and-click adventure for touch screens can include visually impaired players without the use of external tools. Concrete tips will be provided on how audio-driven game design can be applied to interaction design, puzzle design, art direction and dialogue prototyping.

– As a researcher you are used to conferences with a narrow, mostly theoretical, focus. GDC is different in that it covers a wide spectrum of game development related areas, and that it has a focus on the practical application of ideas. I am proud to be part of a project where we have managed to cover both sides. I really look forward to be a part of GDC, says Henrik Engström.

Digital Narration: Game and Cultural Heritage and Serious Games

The need for qualified and skilled personnel in the computer game industry and other industries that use digital media is increasing. The University of Skövde offers two one-year Master’s degree programmes related to games, both in English and with competitive tuition rates; Digital Narration: Game and Cultural Heritage info) and Serious Games.

Sweden Game Conference, October 20-21

GDC is also an important arena for the promotion of Sweden Game Conference, Sweden Game Arena’s own international conference that takes place on October 20-23. The University of Skövde plays a key role in the conference by both contributing and selecting many of the speakers and panelists.

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These talks at GDC will be presented by representatives from Skövde:

• Beginning with the word: Building a Game Writing Program, Marcus Toftedahl, University of Skövde and & Lee Sheldon, Worcester Polytechninc Institute


• Audio-Driven Game Design, Per Anders Östblad and Henrik Engström, University of Skövde

•PR & marketing lessons from Goat Simulator, Armin Ibrisagic, Coffee Stain Studios

• What Do We Mean When We Say "Indiepocalypse"? Armin Ibrisagic, Coffee Stain Studios