University of Skövde is creating a meeting place for industries of the future


ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena is an environment for innovation aimed at businesses and academia within knowledge-driven industries. The University of Skövde is one of five actors who took the initiative and the aim of the venture is to create world-leading industries.

Laura Tobias

The University of Skövde is bringing together competence in a physical co-production environment with a clear, innovative and creative meeting place. Behind this venture are Gothia Innovation AB, the Volvo Group, the Volvo Car Corporation and the Industrial Development Center West Sweden AB. Tobias Björck who is the project co-ordinator for ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena is working for the University of Skövde and IDC West Sweden; he has also worked for AB Volvo.

“The name ASSAR is a tribute to Assar Gabrielsson, one of the founders of Volvo, who came from Korsberga in Skaraborg. Assar is also a name that means ‘the one who gives answers’ and the venture can help us give answers to the future challenges for industry.”

ASSAR is an innovation environment which focuses on businesses, researchers and students of higher education within the area of research, development, education and innovation - people and businesses that want to develop and be involved in creating world-leading industries. One of them is Laura Montalban, one of four new postdoctoral researchers at the University of Skövde, who sees the initiative as an attraction for the region.

“The innovation arena is an attractive opportunity for young researchers within Virtual Engineering who make it possible to solve challenging problems. The aim of ASSAR is for businesses and academia to create new knowledge and industrial applications through research, education and collaboration.”

“With ASSAR we want, on the one hand, to create an expo, but on the other hand, we want to create the prerequisites needed for things to happen in reality. The most important thing is that the arena is a meeting place for various participants who want to develop the manufacturing industry, partly for visitors but also for industrial companies that conduct research and development. For example, we will arrange seminars and workshops connected to research and projects. There are a number of global challenges for the manufacturing industry where developments happen fast. ASSAR is our way of fine-tuning the competence we have in order to meet those challenges,” says Tobias.

With the help of a successful research project, the University of Skövde together with one of the Volvo companies have previously built a virtual production line for testing and verification using a unique optimal engine before it actually exists in reality.

“With Virtual Engineering, it is possible, for example, to simulate and optimize the production flow and scheduling of the production to find the best possible solution. This type of simulation demands high quality data and is a deciding factor when relying on results in order to dare to make major investment decisions,” says Tobias.

Laura says that the University of Skövde has a clear IT-focus and is a competitive group within Virtual Manufacturing. They are also well-known for close collaboration with major, cutting-edge companies.

“Virtual Engineering is an important area that can help to increase competitiveness within the manufacturing industry. It is an important factor for reducing lead time in the development of new products and processes, as well as creating efficient sustainable processes which optimize the use of present resources.”

Text: Tina Lindström Carlsson
Photo: Mikael Ljungström

“Virtual Engineering is an important area that can help to increase competitiveness within the manufacturing industry."

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