University of Skövde welcomes the world with “Fika”


On Monday afternoon the University of Skövde welcomed about 150 new international students with an introduction. The international students come from about 30 different countries. Most of them are visiting Skövde, and Sweden, for the first time. During the introduction they got a few good advice:

- Do not sit inside in front of the TV, but go outside and get to know the city and the people. Use this time for personal growth, said Aloysius Nnaji, international coordinator at University of Skövde.

Vice-chancellor Sigbritt Karlsson often blogs about the importance in internationalization and also the importance of using this time for socialization as an foreign student. What she means is that the international student should participate as much as possible in the social activities, and also enjoy the nature around here.

The international students will now enjoy two weeks of introduction, filled with activities to get to know each other, to get to know the University of Skövde and also the Swedish culture. The introduction weeks are a support to make life as a student here in Skövde as pleasant as possible. One example is the food shopping tour the first week, where they together with IC (International Committee) go food-shopping at a local supermarket.

One of the students is Jincy Philip from India, who will do a master in molecular biotechnology at the University of Skövde:

- I have chosen to study at the University of Skövde with high expectations on the quality of teaching, and I am looking forward to start my life as a student here.

Daniella and Laura, both from Ireland, chose to study in Skövde, because of the opportunity to get to know Sweden from a different perspective than they would as tourists. When they got the question what they were looking forward to with this semester they answered that they are excited about the trip to Lappland that the IC is offering.

After the welcoming, the University of Skövde treated the students to a traditional Swedish coffee break with cake and coffee. And there they got their first glimpse of Swedish culture – the so called “fika”.

Internationella studenter på Högskolan i Skövde.
Happy students from Mexico and Spain

Internationella studenter på Högskolan i Skövde.
Jincy Philip and her husband Gibi John Jacob