Warm welcoming of 200 new international students


On Monday, August 26, the new semester started for all new international students at the University of Skövde. This year, about 200 new international students are beginning their studies during the autumn semester – significantly more than last year.

New international students h19

Almost 200 students gathered in the heat on campus yesterday to begin their studies at the University of Skövde. Their common denominator was that everyone came from a different country than Sweden, and was ready to embark on a new adventure in Skövde.

The number of international students has increased in recent years and the new students come from both near and far. Nearly 40 nationalities are represented, including Nepal, Mexico, South Korea, the United States and Liberia, to name but a few. As for students from the EU, many come from Spain, just like previous years.

– One very important aspect of the introduction is the community here. Everyone who comes here wants the same thing, make friends and get to know their fellow students. The international students come from completely different parts of the world and it feels incredibly good that they are now coming together here in Skövde, says Erika Eriksson Hjelm, who planned the international introduction at the University of Skövde.

An intensive week

During the week, the students will, among other things, visit the City Hall, get a guided bus tour around Skövde and eat a joint buffet lunch in Götasalen. During the introduction week, there are also many “buddies” who help the new students get to know their new place of study. At the beginning of the semester, the focus is on practical questions – everything from course registration to housing and how to open a bank account in Sweden.

Make the best of the time here

There are more benefits to studying abroad, in addition to acquiring knowledge and experience, and making friends.

– I would like to advise the students to really take advantage of the time in Sweden. That they should take the opportunity to travel when they are here, and experience as much as possible of our country and culture, says Erika.

On Monday, the new nursing students also began their studies at the University of Skövde. Monday, September 2, the introduction weeks will be intensified, with a big welcome for all new students on campus. The introduction will end on September 6.