Yohannes Will Teach Mathematics Abroad


Imagine having the world as your work place, and you are able to do what you enjoy the most? For Yohannes Tadesse Aklilu, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the School of Engineering Science at the University of Skövde, this is not a pipe dream, but his reality. Next stop Rwanda.

"Would you want to go by yourself and teach in Dar es-Salam?" Through contacts at the University of Linköping, Yohannes received a request about participating in the SIDA sponsored project to Tanzania in the fall of 2016.
– It sounded very exciting, and I accepted the invitation. And I don't regret it at all. I received a very warm welcome by the other teachers, and for me personally, it was a great experience, says Yohannes, who teaches pure and applied mathematics.

Soon leaving for Rwanda

Time to travel again. Yohannes leaves for Rwanda and the capital Kigali during the second week of March. For the next course at the advance level of mathematics: "Applied functional analysis and finite elements".
– Rwanda as a country, is undergoing a period of growth, and is making progress. I am looking forward to experiencing that first hand. The university I will be visiting is also connected to the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), a multi country collaboration I really believe in. The region is also known for its strength in applied mathematics. Other than that, I don't have a lot of information. I have heard that students and people in general, are good about being in time. So I will have to make sure I do the same, Yohannes says laughing.
He came to Sweden from Ethiopia in 2008.
– It took some time to adjust. In the beginning, the language, the weather and the darkness were some challenges. But I really like Skövde. Not a large city, but just right. And mathematics is a global language. Whether you are in Kigali or in Skövde, the goal is the same: finding a solution to a mathematical problem.

Yohannes Tadesse Akilu

Yohannes Tadesse Aklilu.