Analysis of manufacturing supply chains using system dynamics and multi-objective optimization


On the 18th of December, Tehseen Aslam successfully presented and defended his PhD thesis at the University of Skövde. His research analyses manufacturing supply chains using system dynamics and multi-objective optimization.

- My research has a distinct social benefit, says Tehseen Aslam, in the sense that I have examined the whole supply chain, from the manufacturing company to the distribution center and out to retailers, says Tehseen Aslam.

Tehseen Aslams research presents an invaluable tool for optimizing the production line and provides the decision makers with the option to compare different scenarios without altering anything in production. Everything is done by computer simulation. The simulation then shows the production strategies that would be most beneficial, and how to save costs, for example, warehousing or production.

- Looking one step further, one could adapt my research on other types of chains, like holistic systems or entire ecosystems, opening up opportunities to look at social structures in terms of sustainability, which would be very interesting to further research, said Tehseen Aslam.