The University of Skövde welcomes many degree seeking and exchange students each semester and most of them need our help in finding accommodation. This means that it is necessary to remember the deadlines and apply as early as possible.

The University of Skövde is located near the city centre. The accommodation alternatives that are offered to our exchange students are located within 30 minutes from the university.

If you would like to apply for accommodation at any of our three accommodation areas (listed below), please fill out and submit the form in connection with your application to the University.

We will handle your application for accommodation when you are admitted to the University of Skövde. This means that we will not consider your application unless we have received all your documents.

Due to a shortage of accommodation, you must be prepared to accept a room within 30 minutes distance and that we cannot guarantee your first choice.

You will not receive confirmation of your application, but all students will be contacted in late June/November and informed about where they will stay, after they have been admitted to studies at the University of Skövde.

If you do not accept the offered room or if we have not received your "Application for Accommodation" in time we will assume that you will arrange your accommodation on your own. Unfortunately we will not be able to assist students who want to make their own housing arrangements.

Information for families

Due to the nature of living conditions in the student housing and limitations with our landlords it is not possible to bring family members or pets during your stay with us. If you are bringing your family you have to arrange your accommodation on your own. We recommend you to contact Skövdebostäder and register in the student queue system.

Accommodation areas

We currently offer you accommodation (single rooms) in the following accommodation areas: 

Norra Trängallén is not available for Trainees or students from the Bachelor´s program in biomedicine.


There are no fixed landline phone connections at any of the housing alternatives. It is advisable that you bring along your own mobile/GSM cellular phone. Prepaid GSM chips are cheap and abundantly available in kiosks and stores. For more information on phones see the Student Guide.

Internet connection

It is possible to subscribe to a broadband internet connection in your room after your arrival to Skövde.

In Xenia and Perenius internet access is included in the rent.

At Norra Trängallén, you pay 400 SEK per semester for internet access and at

Information for Master Students

You are welcome to apply for accommodation through this link: the link will be open in connection with your application to the University. After you have been offered accommodation, please contact the landlord for information about your room, payment and key collection.

Please contact the Student Accommodation Office as soon as possible if you do not want your room. In such a case, the University cannot at this time assist you in finding other accommodation.

Information for Exchange Students

If you have applied for a room through the University you will be offered a room approximately two months before the semester starts. It is not possible to have another room than the one you have been offered.

If you have questions about your room, payment and key collection, please contact the landlords:


Xenia and Perenius:, +46 (0) 31-3107020
Norra Trängallén:  + 46 (0) 500–477400

Please contact the Student Accommodation Office as soon as possible if you do not want your room. Otherwise you will be charged for the first month´s rent. In case you turn down our offer, the University cannot assist you in finding any other accommodation.




Student Accommodation Service

E-building, 2nd floor

Phone Hours:

Monday-Friday: 10-12
phone +46 (0)500 44 86 00

For other appointments:

Websites for accommodation in Skövde