Guidelines regarding tuition fees

Translation from the Decision HS 2017/650 – Riktlinjer för studieavgifter vid Högskolan i Skövde, signed on 12/09/2017.

1. Background

According to the Regulation on application and tuition fees at universities and colleges (SFS 2010:543 and 2011:303), citizens from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland, also referred to as third-country students, shall in certain cases pay a fee for their higher education.

2. Fees

The tuition fees are indicated in a specific resolution from the Vice Chancellor before each academic year.

A student who is conditionally admitted to a degree programme and at the beginning of said programme has not met the conditions (normally not completing their Bachelor's degree) may sometimes be allowed to study the programme’s courses as freestanding courses. If this occurs, the student will be charged as a programme student and not as a course student.

For students in study programmes of more than one academic year, the tuition fees will remain the same as when the programme started. Should the tuition fees be reduced for the subsequent academic year compared to the initial academic year, the lower fees will be charged.

For studies after deferment of studies or study break, the tuition fees will be the same as at the time the student was granted the deferment of studies or study break or, if the tuition fees are lower at the termination of the deferment of studies or study break, at the current level of the fees at that moment.   

3. Payment of tuition fees

The tuition fees must be paid in full by the date the University of Skövde (University) decides. The date is shown in the invoice that is sent out by the University. Admission to the University is conditional until the tuition fee is paid.

Tuition fees must be paid in advance. Tuition fees must be paid by semester for programmes and in the case of course studies, course by course.

If the payment is not made by the due date, this will be considered as a cancellation of the studies the applicant is admitted to and the place can be assigned to another applicant. In the case of non-payment for continuing programme studies, the student will receive a reminder to pay the fees and be informed of the consequences of not paying the fees, which is suspension from studies. Should the payment not be made after the reminder, the student will be suspended in accordance with SFS 2010:543 on application fees and tuition fees at universities and university colleges.

Payment must be made in Swedish currency (SEK). If the incorrect amount is received (e.g. due to changes in exchange rate), the University has the right to adjust the debt or the balance either then or during the next semester’s billing. Differences below SEK 200 are not controlled.

The applicant will pay his/her own bank and exchange fees.

4. Tuition fees coverage

The tuition fees cover the course or programme that the student has been admitted to and paid for. If a programme has elective courses, the tuition fees cover courses up to 30 credits per semester, as well as eventual language courses and the like as follows. Students who study for more points shall be considered and charged as freestanding course students for the additional courses.

The University may decide to offer study support activities such as introduction programmes, pick-up service, Swedish and/or English courses and social activities within the coverage of the tuition fee. In that case, the offer shall be the same for fee-paying and non-fee-paying students in the same programme. The tuition fees also include insurance through the Group Insurance FAS that the University obtains from Kammarkollegiet.

Fee-paying students are also subject to the same services, rights and obligations as non-fee-paying students, such as access to Student Support, Housing Coordinator, Student Union, etc.

Course literature and other course material, as well as accommodation and living expenses are paid by the student.

5. Change of fee status

An applicant that by the time of application to his/her studies has a fee exempt status will maintain that status for the duration of the studies and will not pay any tuition fees.

Changes of fee status from fee-paying to fee exempt shall be processed in conjunction with the semester start (autumn and spring respectively) if an applicant or student requests it. Requests must be received no later than two weeks prior to the start of the current semester, and it is the responsibility of the applicant/student to show the necessary documentation to prove the change of fee status. If the basis for the status change, for example a decision on a new residence permit, occurs closer than two weeks from the start of the semester, the applicant/student shall inform the University no later than two weeks after the semester start. If the basis for the status change occurs on the same day as the semester starts or afterwards, or if the aforementioned deadlines are not followed, the matter shall be referred to the next semester and the student/applicant shall be considered as a fee-paying student for the current study period until then.

When a single course starts later than the semester, the paragraph above is valid with the exception that all references to the semester and semester start refers to the course and the course start instead. Specific reasons or conditions for refund shall be evidenced by relevant certificates and documents.

6. Refund

Refund of tuition fees may occur if special reasons exist or if special conditions for refund are met. Requests for refund of tuition fees must be made in writing. Decisions on reimbursement of tuition fees are taken through individual assessment of each particular case. Special reasons or conditions for refunds must be verified with relevant certificates.

If a refund is granted, the University charges an administrative fee of 8000 SEK. The administration fee will cover the costs the University incurs when recruiting tuition fee-paying students, admission process, invoicing and the processing of the refund as well as bank charges. Requests for refunds of less than 8000 SEK are not processed. The refund will be made in SEK. No interest is paid on the amount. No banking, exchange fees or similar are repaid.

Below the special reasons or conditions for the refund of tuition fees at the University of Skövde are listed:

  • Change of fee status

    If the student is subject to a change of fee status, from liable to pay tuition fees in Sweden to fee exempt, the student is entitled to refund for the part of the studies that the student is not liable for payment (see section 5).

  • Refusal of a residence permit application  

    If the admission process is interrupted due to the fact that a residence permit is not granted, the student has the right to have the paid tuition fee refunded.

  • Cancellation

    If a refund request is submitted no later than three weeks after the start of the semester, the student has the right to have the paid tuition fee refunded.

    Cancellations can be submitted in writing to the University or via the applicant's website (NyA).

  • Conditional admission

    A student who is conditionally admitted when applying for studies, and who still does not meet the admission conditions at the beginning of the semester will not be able to start studies. This student is entitled to have the tuition fee paid refunded.

  • Deferment of studies

    A student who is granted deferment of studies is entitled to have the tuition fee paid refunded.

  • Early drop-out

    A student who applies for early drop-out (no later than three weeks after the semester start) is entitled to have the tuition fee paid refunded, regardless of the reason for the drop-out.

  • Not meeting the conditions for the next semester in a programme

    If the student does not meet the requirements to continue studies within the programme and chooses to apply for drop-out, the student is entitled to have the tuition fee paid for unregistered courses refunded.

  • Transfer of credits

    A student who takes a programme at the University of Skövde and has the transfer of credits from previous university studies accepted as a part of the studies at the University of Skövde is entitled to have amount of the tuition fee paid equivalent to the transferred credits. A special fee for processing the credit transfer will be charged, in addition to the administrative fee of 8000 SEK.

  • Other special reasons

    The refund of tuition fee can even be made for other special reasons which prevent the student from participating in the studies. Other special reasons can be serious illness, death in the immediate family or other similar situations beyond the student’s control.

7. Appeal  

The decision to expel a student who has not paid the tuition fee and a decision not to grant a study break or deferment of studies may be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board (Överldagandenämnden för högskolan). Other decisions mentioned in these guidelines may not be appealed.

8. Entry into force

These guidelines come into force from 12 September 2017 and will apply to students admitted to programmes and courses with start in the autumn semester 2017 or later. These guidelines replace the previous Guidelines for tuition fees signed on 15 June 2015 (HS 2015/481).

See original document in Swedish Dnr HS 2017/650

See the translation of the previous document Dnr HS 2015/481 which was in force from 15/6/2015 until 11/9/2017