The city of Skövde

The town of Skövde is situated in the south western part of Sweden between Vänern and Vättern, the two biggest lakes in the country. The region has a rich cultural heritage, and many historical tourist attractions.

The University of Skövde collaborates closely with the municipality, and together we have built an environment that supports innovation and growth. Skövde is a great place to be for a student preparing for the future.

girl on campus

This part of Sweden is known for its beautiful landscapes, with wide fields, forests and many lakes. The mountain Billingen, located within walking-distance from the city center, is one of the region's most complete sports and recreation areas all year around. Another venue for activities is Arena Skövde, offering various sport events, concerts, bowling and the best indoor aqua-park in Sweden.

Skövde is easily accessible by train – you can reach the town within an hour from Gothenburg and two hours from Stockholm. With its 54 000 inhabitants the town has a friendly atmosphere and is considered to be very safe. The living costs are in general lower than in bigger cities and it is easier for students to find accommodation.

The Right of Public Access

We are also very proud of The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten), which is globally unique and the basis for much outdoor recreation in Sweden. It provides a legal right for everyone to visit private land, to bathe in and to travel by boat on private waters, and to pick the wild flowers (so long as they are not restricted under conservation law), mushrooms and berries.