Game Development at the University of Skövde

Welcome to the University of Skövde in Sweden Game Arena! We are part of a premier European cluster for game education, business and research, located in the Middle/West of Sweden.

Our University is a centerpiece of one of Europe's, and one of the world's, largest and broadest game education hubs. This encompasses about 500 students across seven different game degree programs and about 50 game faculty members & researchers. In addition, The Game Incubator next door (a part of Science Park Skövde) further supports our students and graduates realize their dreams. The major game developers in our town, including Coffee Stain Studios of Goat Simulator fame and Stunlock Studios behind Battlerite, were founded by our alumni.
For international students, we offer two full Master's Degree Programs (in Serious Games and Digital Narrative) as well as the opportunity to study in our undergraduate courses as an exchange student. We also offer access to lectures in English.
The University of Skövde also provides a first-class research environment in games at the intersection of media and information technology, conducted in the two research groups Media, Technology and Culture and InGaMe Lab.




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