Game Development - Bachelor's Degree Programs

Our Bachelor's Degree Programs are briefly described below in English. Please note that the language of instruction for these programs is Swedish.

For more information, please visit our main information page (in Swedish).

DESIGN 180 ECTS, BA in Computer Science

The Design programme is based on breadth in computer game development focusing on games mechanics and gameplay. Since the role of the designer may differ in different types of game development projects, students also study the basics of dramaturgy, software development and cognitive science.

GAME WRITING 180, BA in Media, Aesthetics and Narrative

Game Writing is a programme with a focus on narrative in technically interdisciplinary combinations in new digital media. The programme combines in-depth knowledge of narrative techniques and creative writing with insights into programming.

GRAPHICS 180, BA in Media, Aesthetics and Narrative

The Graphics programme provides a theoretical foundation in computer games development and has a focus on graphics for computer games. The programme has three in-depth areas: 2D graphics, 3D graphics and animation.

MUSIC 180, BA in Media, Aesthetics and Narrative

The Music programme is based on the role of music in computer games but also looks at how music is used in the interplay with moving images.

SOUND 180, BA in Media, Aesthetics and Narrative

The Sound programme shares many elements with the Music programme when it comes to courses in digital audio design and computer-based sound and music production. The specialist area of the Sound programme is sound narration and the role of sound in computer games.

PROGRAMMING 180, BA in Computer Science

This programme focuses on effective methods of managing data and opportunities for creating games that can be played over networks, for example. The students prepare for an active role as programmer in a games company, but are also well prepared for working with more conventional software development.


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