Exchange Students in Game Development

The undergraduate courses in game development at the University of Skövde in English are available in the autumn semester, from early September through mid-December or early January.

We recommend that our international students take the course Project Studies in New Media (15 credits) plus one or two additional courses listed below (= another 15 credits). Note that full-time studies in one semester equal 30 credits.

Recommended course for all international students

Project Studies in New Media I G1F, 15 credits, ME359G
This course is recommended for all international students in game development that have prior experience in creating games. It provides a shared introduction to our game community and involves the completion of a project. It also engages the students in our international lectures that cover a broad range of topics and areas in Game Development.

Note: The course is 15 credits and the workload is normally spread out across the semester. However, a student may alternatively restrict most of the course work to full-time studies in the first half, or in the second half, of the semester, if so required by his/her other course selections. 

Example: A student enrolls in the course Animation Project. This course requires full-time studies but runs only in November and December. When enrolled in Project Studies in New Media I, this student may then work on his/her project in this course in September and October only, so that the workload is distributed evenly across the semester.

Important: This version of this course (ME359G) is provided only in the autumn and should not be confused with the one with the same course code that is provided in the summer and in the spring.

Formal information about the course Project Studies in New Media I

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