Cell Biology G1N, 7,5 credits, BV108G

All living things consists of cells and to possess knowledge of how cells work is the foundation to understand how organisms work, but also to understand what happens when you get ill or how you can genetically modify an organism. This course will give you an overview of how a cell is built up, how the organs of the cell work, what chemical components that are important for the cell and how different cell processes occur, e.g. how cells communicate with each other. Further you will learn basic laboratory work.

Course start
Mode of teaching
autumn -20 w.45
  • Course coordinator: Henrik Thilander
  • Examiner: Anna-Karin Pernestig
  • Application code: HS-U1530
  • Prerequisites: The special prerequisites for this programme, besides basic eligibility for university studies, are the following upper secondary school courses Mathematics B, Science studies B, Civics A, English B or Mathematics 2a / 2b / 2c, Science studies 2, Civics 1b /1a1 +1a2, English 6. The corresponding English proficiency can normally be shown by an internationally recognized language tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL (or equivalent).
  • Course plan with course literature: Course plan in English, Course plan in Swedish
  • Start semester: autumn -20
  • Pace of study: 50%
  • Start week - end week: w.45 - w.02
  • When: Day
  • Language: The teaching is conducted in English.
  • Place: Skövde
  • Course code: BV108G
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  • Implementing:
  • Course type
  • Mode of teaching Campus
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