English: Writing with Language Aids G1N, 7,5 credits, EN263G

In this course you learn to write good English by using grammars and dictionaries, which you are also allowed to use at the exams. The intention is that you should learn to produce texts in a way that you can use later in real life.

You may need to take the English/Proficiency course first (EN247G) and, in some cases, also the English/Preparatory Course (EN255G).

Course start
Mode of teaching
spring -20 w.04
  • Course coordinator: Karin Axelsson
  • Examiner: Stefan Sönnerhed
  • Application code: HS-E1293
  • Prerequisites: Prerequisite courses for this coursem are: Passed courses: EN247G-English: Proficiency G1N or basic eligibility for university studies and field eligibility A2/2: English B (or the equivalent).
  • Course plan with course literature: Course plan in English, Course plan in Swedish
  • Start semester: spring -20
  • Pace of study: 25%
  • Start week - end week: w.04 - w.23
  • When: Evening
  • Language: The teaching is conducted in English.
  • Place: Skövde
  • Course code: EN263G
  • Note:
  • Implementing:
  • Course type
  • Mode of teaching Campus
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Please note
Our courses in English are only available for exchange students who are from one of our partner universities or students who study through our Master's programmes.