Introduction to Human-Robot Interaction - Different Perspectives A1N, 15 credits, IT757A

As robots are increasingly becoming a part of the society, there is a need for more knowledge about the unique interactions between humans and robots for a number of applications. Robots are becoming increasingly common and have moved out of an industry setting into everyday use. Robots mow our lawns, do vacuum cleaning, transport beds in hospitals and keep us company from time to time. The fourth industrial revolution is taking place, and it can be observed in digital, smart factories where humans and robots are collaborating.

In this course you will get an introduction to the interdisciplinary research field of human-robot interaction (HRI) with a focus on a user-centred perspective. You will learn about the emergence and roots of HRI and current application areas and state of the art as well as current challenges in HRI research. You will also perform own empirical HRI studies and exercises with robots in our robot lab. The course also discusses the challenges of being a multidisciplinary research field as well as ethical and societal issues that may arise in research and development of human-robot interaction.

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