Evaluation Methods in Human-Robot Interaction A1F, 7,5 credits, IT758A

When social and other kinds of collaborative robots enter a commercial market and begin to being used by non-expert users, we identify the need to carefully design for and systematically evaluate the users’ perspective of the interaction with the robot, in much a similar way that is nowadays a fundamental part of the development of e.g. personal computers and mobile phones. It is vital to make proper decisions concerning which experiences and factors to focus on based upon a firm understanding of the intended user groups, their needs, and the usage context. In this course you will learn how to taking a user-centered view, comprising systematic evaluation of the quality of the human-robot interaction, is of major concern in order for robot technology to provide long-term added value to people’s lives. The course provides in-depth theoretical knowledge of and practical skills in various kinds of user- centered approaches and methods for evaluating different aspects of human-robot interaction. As a student, you will also plan, implement and report a detailed evaluation of human-robot interaction based on a usercentred perspective. The course also focuses on research ethics, sustainability and gender equality issues in regard to evaluation of various forms of human-robot interaction.

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