Applied FEM II G2F, 6 credits, MT510G

The course focuses on the practical application of the finite element method (FEM) and, to a large extent, omits the underlying theory.

Students perform stress analyzes, buckling analyzes and modal analyzes using commercial FE software. FE analyzes are performed with the element types: two- and three-dimensional solid elements, beam elements, and shell elements, where applications and capabilities of these element types are discussed.

The course deals with nonlinear FE analysis of the types: plasticity problems, contact analysis and nonlinear geometry analyzes. Error sources such as discretization errors, modeling errors and convergence problems are addressed.

Course start
Mode of teaching
autumn -19 w.48
  • Course coordinator: Daniel Svensson
  • Examiner: Tobias Andersson
  • Application code: HS-E4187
  • Prerequisites: Prerequisite courses for this course are: passed MT345G-Strength of Materials II G1F and MT347G-Strength of Materials III G1F and passed MT346G-Applied FEM I G1F and MT351G-Mechanics IV G1F and MT348G-Engineering Project II: Machine G1F (or the equivalent).
  • Course plan with course literature: Course plan in English, Course plan in Swedish
  • Start semester: autumn -19
  • Pace of study: 50%
  • Start week - end week: w.48 - w.03
  • When: Day
  • Language: The teaching is conducted in English.
  • Place: Skövde
  • Course code: MT510G
  • Note:
  • Implementing:
  • Course type
  • Mode of teaching Campus
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