Efficient Workplaces G2F, 6 credits, PR504G

The course Efficient workplaces focus on manual work in a production system. It takes its standpoint in the term "standardized work" and design of workplaces considering human capabilities and efficient utilization of resources.

A central part in standardized work is work studies. The course addresses work sampling, time studies and predetermined time systems. Analysed, standardised work processes forms the basis for line balancing and systematic, factbased improvement work based on the PDCA method. Visual control and management is studied including methods such as fault proofing, cost/benefit diagram and 5S.

One important part of the course is a lab exercise in which a real production system is analysed, documented and improved. During the lab works the students in teams and is thereby offered an opportunity to reflect over different roles in a production system in operation and during improvements.

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