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On this page you will find information about the English and Swedish language courses that we provide for you as an exchange student.

English Courses

Do you need to improve your English in order to be proficient enough for our courses or programmes? Or do you need to update your academic English for coming exams? Or maybe you are just interested in the English language? No matter what your intentions are, we offer interesting courses.

You may apply for our English courses beforehand and will then usually be admitted with a condition, which may be lifted after the placement test. Alternatively, you may indicate what courses you would like to take on a special form handed out at the placement test. This test is given at the beginning of each semester and all exchange students are invited to take it. It indicates whether your level of English may be regarded as equivalent to Swedish prerequisites (high score or very high score) or lower than that (medium score or low score). More information will be provided during the Introduction Programme.

English courses are often taken by exchange student in conjunction with courses in other subjects and might be taken in addition to full-time studies in other subjects. 

Spring 2019

For more information about each course, please click the adequate link below:

English: Academic Writing G1N, 7.5 credits (EN244G) w.14–23
English: Business English G1N, 7.5 credits (EN245G) w.14–23
English: Oral Presentation Techniques G1N, 7.5 credits (EN236G) w.14–23

Autumn 2019

English: Preparatoty Course (EN255G) w. 36–44

English: Proficiency (EN247G) w. 36–44 and w. 45–3

English: Writing with Language Aids (EN263G) w. 36–3

English: Academic Writing (EN244G) w. 36–44

English: Business English (EN245G) w. 45–3

English: Oral Presentation Techniques (EN236G) w. 45–3

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