Educational Science

In the research area of Educational Science at the Department of Children, Youth and Adult Learning (BUVL), University of Skövde, the research centres on education and learning in a broad sense. The focus is on education, socialisation and learning processes in different pedagogical practices in society and working life. The research profile is characterised by two main points - didactics, and subject and institution.

The first point, didactics, accommodates different didactic approaches to education, socialisation and learning in university didactics, digital didactics, adult didactics, vocational didactics and subject didactics. Both adult and professional didactics are research tracks that are linked to the university's vocational teacher training, which is located at BUVL (Education). Of particular interest here is the relationship between vocational education and vocational teacher education. The research track of digital didactics is similarly linked to the Higher Education Unit (HPE), which is also located at BUVL (Education) at the University of Skövde.

The second point, subject and institution, involves research focuses on the formation of subjects and identity in various pedagogical practices in society, in working life and in everyday life. Professional development, as well as children, youth and adult learning and conditions for socialisation are in focus here. A unique research input highlights the hand puppet as a communicative tool in pre-school teaching practice.

Currently, the research group Educational Science is part of the integration process in one of the University's research specialisations, "Health and Wellbeing". This research specialisation is planned for the future as a research centre at the University of Skövde. As part of this process, various interdisciplinary research projects will be integrated with those of other subjects at the University, including nursing, public health, and social psychology. In addition, ongoing multidisciplinary research collaboration with computer science deals with the use of IT in schools.