About the journal, subscription

The journal Education & Learning is a scientific journal published by the Department of Education, Social Psychology and Language at University of Skövde. It is published 2 times a year. Each issue has a research oriented, thematic approach that is linked to different topics of relevance for the research field of educational sciences. Running ISSN-code; 2001-4554.

The purposes of the journal are to:

  • Be meaningful to practice-related research and contribute to the development of the given research area
  • Be of relevance for professional life as concerns the renewal, innovation and change of different kinds of educational projects in education and research
  • Contribute to professional development for researchers, practicing teachers, teacher educators and students and other that take active part in educational and learning practices in professional life 

What can be published?

Articles that are published must be based on a scientific ground. It could be:

  • Scientific articles
  • Literature reviews and book reviews
  • Publication of interviews
  • Works of a scientific nature not included in the above areas, but that reaches the quality criteria of the journal and is relevant in relation to  the overall goal and purpose of the journal

Who can publish?

  • National and international scientists, teachers and other individuals who reach the qualitative criteria of the journal and whose work is considered suitable and interesting in relation to the orientation, thematic content, direction and policy for the journal

Who are the intended readers?

The journal is aimed at practicing researchers, teachers, teacher trainers and students at colleges, universities and other institutions and professional practices at national and international level

Subscription and orders

Below a list follows where subscription rates and single orders are presented.
  • Annual subscription, organisations and departments:
    450 Skr (no VAT) + freight costs (two copies of each issue are included)
  • Single copies, organisations and departments:
    200 Skr (no VAT) + freight costs
  • Annual subscription, private persons:
    400 Skr VAT included + freight costs (two copies of each issue are included)
  • Single copies, private persons:
    200 Skr VAT included + freight costs

For subscription matters and orders, please contact:



Editorial (Editor-in-chief):

Urban Carlén, Senior Lecturer,
University of Skövde

Editorial board:

Sara Irisdotter Aldenmyr, Ass.Prof.,
Dalarna Univ./Stockholm Univ.
Agneta Bronäs,
Senior Lecturer; Senior advisor
Stockholm Univ.
Magnus Dahstedt, Ass.Prof.,
Linköping Univ.
Silvia Edling, Senior Lecturer,
Uppsala Univ./University of Gävle
Christian Helms Jørgensen,
Senior Lecturer,
Roskilde Univ., Denmark.
Anders Jakobsson, Prof.,
Malmö Univ.
Ulrika Jepson Wigg, Senior Lecturer,
Mälardalen Univ./Stockholm Univ.
Monica Johansson, Senior Lecturer,
University of Gothenburg
Johan Liljestrand, Senior Lecturer,
University of Gävle
Lisbeth Lundahl, Prof.,
Umeå Univ.
Ann-Marie Markström, Ass.Prof.,
Linköping Univ.
Maria Olson, Ass.Prof.,
University of Skövde/Stockholm univ.
Kennert Orlenius, Prof.,
University of Borås
Ninni Wahlström, Prof.,
Linneaus University