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2013 vol 7 nr 1 Theme: Perspektiv på gymnasial yrkesutbildning / Theme: Perspectives on secondary vocational education (coming)

Guest editor: Susanne Gustavsson

The purpose of this special issue is to highlight and problematise secondary vocational education. The theme issue provide contributions that in various ways illustrates, problematise and discuss how these tensions leave traces and sets the possibilities of importance to both students, teachers, schools, workplaces and society.

ISSN: 2001-4554. Please note that this issue will be published as full text on this site, in DIVA and via LIBRIS one year after issuance.

2012 vol 6, nr 2 Tema: Ett vidgat perspektiv på ämnesdidaktik / Theme: A Widened Perspective on Subject Didactics in Education

Guest editors: Anders Jakobsson & Maria Olson

Authors: Erik Andersson; Eva Davidsson; Mirella Forsberg Ahlcrona; Laurence Delacour; Geir Skeie; Mats Lundström & Anders Jakobsson.

This issue presents contributions that concerndescribe or discuss the concept of didactics or are examples of subject didactic studies and surveys.

ISSN: 2001-4554. Please note that this number is published as full text on this site, in DIVA or via LIBRIS one year after issuance.

2012 vol 6, nr 1 Tema: Utmaningar och perspektiv på verksamhetsförlagt lärande / Theme: Challenges and Perspectives on Work Integrated Learning Competence

Guest editor: Jörgen Dimenäs

Authors: Margaretha Herrman & Lena Nilsson; Margaretha Herrman; Ina von Schantz Lundgren & Mats Lundgren; Ingrid Nilsson & Ewa Wictor; Ulla Karin Nordänger & Per Lindqvist; Jörgen Dimenäs, Margereth Björklund, Kristin Häggkvist, Ingamay Larsson, Anika Malm, Monica Rundgren & Agneta Welin Mod.

This issue sheds light on contributions that deal with results and insights from research on Work Integrated learning (WIL). WIL, or Co-operative Education is a program that formally integrates academic studies with work experience in participating employer organisations. 

ISBN: 978-91-637-0972-2 (printed version), ISBN: 978-91-637-0973-9 (electronic version).


2011 vol 5, nr 1 Tema: Att bilda lärare i Pedagogisk Kompetens / Theme: Cultivating Teachers' Digital Competence

Guest editor: Urban Carlén

Authors: Urban Carlén; Linda Reneland-Forsman; Susanne Gustavsson; Jessica Lindblom, Anna-Sofia Alklind Taylor, Jana Rambusch & Henrik Svensson; Ina von Schantz Lundgren & Mats Lundgren.

In this theme issue results from different national ventures in IT managed learning settings within Swedish teacher training programs are presented and discussed. 

ISBN: 978-91-633-9654-0 (print version), 978-91-633-9654-0 (electronic version)


2010 vol 4, nr 1 Tema: Nya textvärldar i vår tid: förändrade villkor för textskapande i skolan? / Theme: New Text worlds in Our Times: changed conditions for text creating in school?

Guest editor: Peter Andersson

Authors: Peter Andersson & Bitte Wilhelmsson Ramshage; Per Holmberg; Lars-Erik Johansson; Erik Andersson; Patrik Hernwall.

In this theme issue we highlight and discuss the question about how changed patterns for writing, reading and meaning making have created changed conditions for learning and text creating in school.
ISSN: 1653-0594. ISBN: 978-91-633-9034-0

2009 vol 3, nr 1  Ny i läraryrket / New Comer in the Teacher profession

Authors: Gerd Gustafsson, Susanne Gustavsson and Tom Tiller. 

This issue is a documentation of a project involving mentorsship for newly trained teachers in pre-school and compulsory school.
ISSN: 1653-0594


2006 vol 2, nr 1  "Det här är jag, så har jag förändrats": en studie av personalens upplevelse av önskvärda förändringar i en kommuns utbildningsorganisation" / "This is me, this is how I have changed": a study on the experience of desired changes among the staff in the Educational organisation of a local community"

Author: Jörgen Dimenäs

This issue involves a mapping and analysis of the experiences of different kinds of professionals within a local educational organisational context. 
ISSN: 1653-0594, ISBN: 978-91-633-9652-6


2005  vol 1, nr 1  Vision - förverkligande - utveckling. Lärarutbildningen vid Högskolan i Skövde / Vision – Realisation – Development. The Teacher Education at the University of Skövde

Author: Kennert Orlenius

In this issue the relationship between theoretically oriented studies and practically oriented activities/studies in the Teacher Education of Skövde is illuminated. ISSN: 1653-0594, ISBN: 978-91-633-9651-9

Illustrates a number of The Journal Education and Learning


Editorial (Editor-in-chief):

Urban Carlén, Senior Lecturer,
University of Skövde

Editorial board:

Sara Irisdotter Aldenmyr, Ass.Prof.,
Dalarna Univ./Stockholm Univ.
Agneta Bronäs
Senior Lecturer; Senior advisor
Stockholm Univ.
Magnus Dahstedt, Ass.Prof.,
Linköping Univ.
Silvia Edling, Senior Lecturer,
Uppsala Univ./University of Gävle
Christian Helms Jørgensen,
Senior Lecturer,
Roskilde Univ., Denmark.
Anders Jakobsson, Prof.,
Malmö Univ.
Ulrika Jepson Wigg, Senior Lecturer, 
Mälardalen Univ./Stockholm Univ. 
Monica Johansson, Senior Lecturer, 
University of Gothenburg
Johan Liljestrand, Senior Lecturer,
University of Gävle 
Lisbeth Lundahl, Prof., 
Umeå Univ.
Ann-Marie Markström, Ass.Prof.,
Linköping Univ.
Maria Olson, Ass.Prof.,
University of Skövde/Stockholm univ.
Kennert Orlenius, Prof.,
University of Borås
Ninni Wahlström, Prof., 
Linneaus University