Upcoming Issue:

In the upcoming theme issue entitled Lifelong and life-wide learning – implications, conditions and consequences in the journal Education & Learning (Utbildning & Lärande) articles highlight and expand on the topics of lifelong learning from a broad perspective.

Theme editor

Theme Editor of the upcoming issue is Annelie Andersén, Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Skövde.

Her research interests mainly concern the areas of culture, identity, and (social) representations linked to education and widening participation; in particular different educational cultures, such as the distinctive character of Swedish folk high school and the distinctive character of the university, as well as the social identities of folk high school participants, folk high school teachers etc.



Editorial (Editor-in-chief):

Urban Carlén, Senior Lecturer,
University of Skövde

Editorial board:

Sara Irisdotter Aldenmyr, Ass.Prof.,
Dalarna Univ./Stockholm Univ.
Agneta Bronäs,
Senior Lecturer; Senior advisor
Stockholm Univ.
Magnus Dahstedt, Ass.Prof.,
Linköping Univ.
Silvia Edling, Senior Lecturer,
Uppsala Univ./University of Gävle
Christian Helms Jørgensen,
Senior Lecturer,
Roskilde Univ., Denmark.
Anders Jakobsson, Prof.,
Malmö Univ.
Ulrika Jepson Wigg, Senior Lecturer,
Mälardalen Univ./Stockholm Univ.
Monica Johansson, Senior Lecturer,
University of Gothenburg
Johan Liljestrand, Senior Lecturer,
University of Gävle
Lisbeth Lundahl, Prof.,
Umeå Univ.
Ann-Marie Markström, Ass.Prof.,
Linköping Univ.
Maria Olson, Ass.Prof.,
University of Skövde/Stockholm univ.
Kennert Orlenius, Prof.,
University of Borås
Ninni Wahlström, Prof.,
Linneaus University