Enterprises for the future

The research within this field focuses on how companies and organisations can use strategy development, leadership and internationalisation to be successful in an increasingly global competitive environment.

The over-arching goal of the research centre Enterprises for the Future is to conduct research that contributes to the creation of more sustainable organizations, both private and public ones. The increased complexity found in today’s society has led to a situation where organizations need to handle and balance many contradictory interests and demands. Dysfunctional control and inefficient resource utilization where the know-how, skills and commitment of employees are not utilized properly are two examples of difficulties for organizations to deal with this complexity. Moreover, there is a need for dealing with the challenges that are linked to sustainable development and digitalization.

In order to deal with these challenges, the centre Enterprises for the Future does research on the management of financial and non-financial resources. One special focus is on the resources of employees and owners of small firms. This is done with the aim to help create more sustainable and knowledge-based organizations.

At Enterprises for the Future, one strives to be a place for researchers acting as independent thinkers who critically reflect over the conditions that make up the society and current and future research. The researchers, therefore, hold deer academic values such as freedom, integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility, and collegiality.

Research at Enterprises for the Future is conducted in close collaboration with the surrounding society and together with the collaboration platform Centre for Leadership and Work-life in Skaraborg (CLAS).


Enterprises for the future (EFF) carries out research in the following research groups:

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