Cooperation between business/work life and EFF

Cooperation with Enterprises for the Future (EFF) concerns primarily exchange and development of knowledge. The goals are to strengthen the activities of the collaborating partners and of the Skaraborg Region by spreading knowledge and by promoting successful examples of such knowledge development. This cooperation can take different forms – linked to a specific area or research project or linked to a more general area or research field. Companies/organizations that cooperate with EFF have the opportunity to work with about 30 researchers from various areas in a very large network. An important part of the cooperation is the knowledge exchange among the participating network partners.

At present, EFF partners with

  • Skövde kommun
  • Västra Götalandsregionen/SKAS
  • Karlsborgs kommun
  • Hushållningssällskapet Skaraborg
  • Arbetsgivarringen Skaraborg
  • City Skövde
  • Next Skövde
  • CAV in Borås

If your company or organization is interested in becoming a partner with Future Enterprise, or if you want more information, contact Lotten Svensson who is the coordinator, or Stefan Tengblad, who is the director of EFF.