Strategic cooperation with the University of Borås

Since 2013, Enterprises for the Future (EFF) has participated in a strategic cooperation with the research area called New Business Models (Nya affärsmodeller) at the University of Borås. Together, the partners have identified 12 projects where cooperation is possible. The strategic cooperation also includes a visiting professor exchange programme. In 2015, the partners are jointly working with planning and applications focused on the theme of the future of trade and business.

On-going collaborative projects in EFF - New Business Models

  • Knowledge management and succession planning in family businesses
  • The use of QR codes in business
  • The organization of human resources in the textile and clothing sector
  • Alternative business models for craft-based, small-scale companies
  • Organizational identity, pre-identity, founding identity, and identity claims
  • Cooptation of managerialism – professional and organizational responses on accountability pressures
  • Logistics development
  • Organizational resilience
  • Consumer Ethnocentrism (CE) and the formation of attitudes towards the purchase of domestic and foreign products
  • Revitalisation of SMEs
  • Innovation in retailing and distribution
  • Cooperation CAV-CLAS

The directors for the coordination between EFF and New Business Models are Stefan Tengblad and Thomas Andersson at the University of Skövde, and Rolf Solli at the University of Borås.

More details on the cooperation with the University of Borås (which includes three additional areas) can be found on a website at the University of Borås.