Strategic Entrepreneurship (StrEnt)

The Strategic Entrepreneurship research group (StrEnt) carries out research in strategic management and entrepreneurship with the ambition to integrate the two fields of research. The group consists of researchers from various disciplines, for example, strategic management, entrepreneurship, management accounting, and marketing.

In the research work, research on opportunity-seeking (i.e., entrepreneurship) and advantage-seeking (i.e., strategic management and mainly resource-based theory) are combined in order to explain and describe how companies can increase their competitiveness. Combining these areas of research enables a holistic approach to business development. This approach can explain the entrepreneurial actions and mind-sets necessary to spot opportunities. Also, it allows examining resource characteristics and firm strategies relevant for organizations to identify and sustain competitive advantages.

The research group’s primary objects of analysis are private organizations mainly located in Skaraborg and the South-Western part of Sweden. Most organizations in our research projects are family-owned, small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies; however, the units of analysis are not restricted to a specific industry or size. Much of our research is conducted in close collaboration with the business community in Skaraborg.

Strategiskt entreprenörsskap