Reflective STRENGHT-Giving Dialogue with older adults living with long term health problems

Reflective STRENGHT-Giving Dialogue

A project aimed to support older adults with long term health problems

A challenge in health- and social care of today is to provide care that holistically meet each individual´s needs. Health care providers tend to spend more time focusing on the health problem per see, rather than focusing on the individual´s situation as a whole. Less attention is often given to psychological and social needs and dialogue with the older adult. Research has shown that many older adults experience loneliness, exclusion and lack of support, especially during times when they need to cope with illness.

The method Reflective STRENGHT-Giving Dialogue is a holistic method developed by researchers at University of Skövde and designed to be used by care givers to support older adults living with a long-term pain. A digital application is one of the tools developed and used in this method.

Improving health and wellbeing in older adults

Reflective STRENGTH-Giving Dialogue aim to support older adults living with pain by providing the opportunity to share their thoughts with a care giver in a series of dialogues. In the dialogues, the individual reflect on how life has been in the past, what it is like in the present and what the future will bring.

The focus of the dialogue is to identify and reflect upon potential choices and possibilities in the older adult’s living situation. The older adult is encouraged to set targets, large and small, in agreement with the older adult’s desire and capabilities to engage in life. The goal for the older adults is to gain inner strength and courage to have command of the situation and be able to live life in a way that promotes joy and meaningfulness and increases wellbeing.

Development of a digital application

A digital tool – the SelfSTRENGHT app - has been developed for use in this method.

A Ph.D. student is currently enrolled in this project and conducts research of the impact on older adults in using this method both with and without the digital tool. Another objective of this study is to describe health care professionals’ experience of using the method both with and without use of the SelfSTRENGHT app.

The Acronym STRENGHT represents:

S – State the current situation

T – Transition from ”One to I”

R – Reflect upon possibilities and choices

EN – Engagement in fulfilling small and large life projects that give joy and meaning in life

G – Get inner strength and courage

T - Tactful and challenging approach

H – Holistic perspective

The method is used with or without the SelfSTRENGHT app to support older adults in the project.

Film Reflective STRENGTH-Giving Dialogues with English subtitles


Project leader

Mia Berglund
School of Health Sciences
Associate Professor of Nursing
Phone: 0500-448419

The Project

Title: Reflective STRENGHT-Giving Dialogue with older adults living with long term health problems

Project time: 2017-2024
Financed by: University of Skövde
Partners: Jönköping University and University of Rhode Island, USA


Catharina Gillsjö
School of Health Sciences
Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Phone: 0500-448458

Cecilia Åberg
School of Health Sciences
Ph.D. Student, Health and Care Sciences
Phone: 0500-448473

Jenny Hallgren
School of Health Sciences
Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Phone: 0500-448474