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Digital HEAlth Research (DHEAR): Studies in Health Sciences for Sustainable Development is a cross discipline research environment, coordinated by the School for Health and Education at the University of Skövde. Its goals are to conduct...

  • Research in limited projects
  • Research in the university's fields of interest digitalization for a sustainable development

DHEAR's purpose is to:

  • Conduct good research, targeting complex societal issues in health care
  • Contribute to the academic environment and the development of the School for Health and Education at the University of Skövde
  • Act as a connector between academics and the community in the areas of digital health and sustainable development

Originates from problems related to health science

DHEAR performs research in the field of health care related challenges due to changes or developments in technology. Addressing complex societal challenges requires a cross-disciplinary context, with members from different backgrounds, adjuncts to professors, academicians to subject matter experts from our community.

A non-deterministic view

DHEAR applies a non-deterministic view regarding technology. Technology is viewed as neither good nor bad but is viewed in the context of the human application. This view requires knowledge and understanding about various social practises, which is why DHEAR conducts research in close collaboration with individuals in the appropriate context.

Researchers from seven different fields

In DHEAR, researchers from the fields of Biomedicine, English, Public Health, Nursing, RPSH (reproductive, perinatal and sexual health), Social Psychology, and Swedish work together. In addition, the research environment collaborates with researchers from other parts of the University, such as Information Technology, Bioscience, Engineering Science, and various networks with national and international partners.

DHEAR partners

Västra Götalandsregionen och Skaraborgs Kommunalförbund


Project leader

Ninitha Maivorsdotter
School of Health Sciences
Associate Senior Lecturer in Public Health
Work: 0500-448429

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