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Developments in digitalization offer great opportunities for improving our health. DHEAR performs research in the field of health care related challenges due to changes or developments in technology.

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We need you in our team. We are always looking for colleagues for our team, both scientists and administration staff, who can help us develop DHEAR. Our working methods are inclusive, and we value knowledge from different groups. In order to be successful on our path towards our goal of conducting research that is highly valuable for our society, it is crucial that we exchange experiences and knowledge in fruitful collaborations. If you thrive in such an environment, please look at the positions available, or send us an unsolicited application.

A workplace that allows individuals to grow

We are a modern university, with an open and inviting approach, first-class education, and research that performs well on the international scene. We are a place for advancements, every day. The University of Skövde is one of Sweden's most specialized universities. We conduct research in five areas: Information Technology, Systems Biology, Virtual Engineering, Health and Education, and Enterprises for the Future. By focusing all our efforts, we can offer specialized, competitive research conducted by competent researchers to our partners in the business sector, academic sector, and our community. At the University of Skövde, we are proud of our beautiful, lush campus that serves as a natural meeting place for students, staff, and visitors. Our restaurants offer a great selection of food. We also want to mention our well-equipped library.

Working in Skövde - A place full of experiences

Skövde is situated between Sweden's largest lakes - Vänern and Vättern. Skövde is an active city that offers great shopping and restaurants. Billingen, our local mountain range, and the area around it, Vallebygden, is a great place for experiencing our spectacular nature. In addition, Skövde offers a great selection of entertainment, culture and sports all year around. Skövde is an ever evolving, modern gaming city, while firmly grounded in its exciting history.

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Project leader

Ninitha Maivorsdotter
School of Health Sciences
Associate Senior Lecturer in Public Health
Work: 0500-448429

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