Translational Medicine TRIM

The Translational Medicine research group deals with biomedical solutions to issues arising from scientific findings in laboratories, medical clinics or from population studies.

The research, which is multidisciplinary, deals with various questions, from a single cell to the whole individual, and uses various medical / biomedical methods to promote health, treat or prevent disease.

The current research areas in brief are; Functional studies of gene mutations, discovered in patient materials, that are important for muscle function; Genetic aberrations and cell signaling in cancer and sleep apnea; The link between androgen excess and the development of reproductive disorders, obesity, and type-2 diabetes in females. How nutrition affects disease, how our genes can explain our experience of touch, and whether animals in healthcare can contribute to the health of the elderly.

We use patient materials, tissue culture, mouse and/or fruitfly models as experimental models. Digital tools are a natural element in biomedical research in the form of analysis of large-scale data and digital publishing of results.

This is a research environment for several projects, led by various researchers, details of each project can be found under the respective project link.


Homa Tajsharghi
Neurogenic disorders

Katarina Ejeskär
Functional genetic studies in neuroblastoma

Two persons in a laboratory


Members of the research group

Afrouz Behboudi
Homa Tajsharghi
Katarina Ejeskär

Senior lecturers
Sandra Karlsson (tjänstledig)

Associate lecturers
Anna Benrick
Linda Handlin
Ferenc Szekeres

Maria Araceli Diaz Cruz
Simon Keane
Heléne Lindholm