Industrial Revolution 4.0

Industry and the manufacturing/production domain is on the threshold of a fourth industrial revolution, which is characterized by digitalization and interconnection of product, value chains and business models.

It is believed that the global and versatile market requirements of the future will place a tremendous amount of pressure on manufacturing companies and their value chains, as manufacturing facilities and their production environments will be subjected to demands towards continuously shortened production lead times and highly flexible (large series) production whilst providing higher degree of product variation and mass customization. In order cope with the changing industrial climate and to take the initiative in the fourth industrial revolution Europe (initiated by Germany) presented a strategic initiative called “Industry 4.0”.  The vision of the initiative is an ecosystem of smart factories with decentralized intelligent and autonomous shop floor entities driven by technology enablers such as internet of things, cloud computing, mobile devices and big data among others. The course provides an overview of the previous industrial revolutions leading up to the fourth industrial revolution. Additionally, by investigating Industry 4.0 and its concepts the course provide an understanding of Industry 4.0 and the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution.