Doctoral supervision

As a PhD student, you will be assigned at least two supervisors who are responsible for guiding your studies.

PhD studies are conducted under the guidance of a main supervisor ("huvudhandledare"), together with any primary supervisor ("primärhandledare") and one or more co-supervisors. The supervisors form an advisory committee ("handledargrupp") and meet regularly. Advisory committee meetings are aimed at reviewing the PhD student's completed work and planning future work. All meetings are documented by updating the individual study plan.

The main supervisor

  • has overall responsibility for the supervision, planning and completion of the dissertation project
  • takes the initiative to complete the individual study plan in consultation with the PhD student within three months after the admission
  • is responsible that the individual study plan and the general syllabus are followed, both in terms of courses and thesis work
  • is responsible to report all examinations, course credits, the student's activity and funding to the University administration (see Reporting activity and courses)
  • is responsible to register the PhD student at the beginning of each semester (see Reporting activity and courses)

The primary supervisor

  • is in charge of the practical implementation of the supervision
  • schedules and documents regular meetings with the advisory group ("handledargrupp")
  • in case the PhD student is affiliated to an external organisation or company, ensures that regular meetings between supervisors, the PhD student and mentor (or equivalent) are held and documented
  • follows up the supervision in consultation with the PhD student

If no primary supervisor is appointed, the main supervisor may assume the role of a primary supervisor.

The co-supervisor

  • assists the PhD student during his/her training, for example through expertise in the student's research area or by supporting empirical studies and experiments

For more information on responsibilities of supervisors and the practicalities of supervision see Guidelines for supervision (under "Further resources").

Training for PhD supervisors

University of Skövde offers training courses for supervisiors. Click here to find out more.