Entry requirements and admission

In order to become a PhD student you need to meet the entry requirements for PhD studies and have an employment at the University of Skövde or financing through a salary from another employer. Admission and employment at the university are parallel processes.

The University of Skövde offers three alternatives:

1. Employment: University of Skövde, PhD student employment or lecturer

    Admission: University of Skövde

2. Employment: University of Skövde, PhD student employment or lecturer

    Admission: Other university

3. Employment: Other employer (eg, private sector)

    Admission: University of Skövde


PhD students in Informatics are admitted to the University of Skövde. PhD students in other subject areas are admitted to other universities while conducting their research at the University of Skövde.

Entry requirements

Admission to the PhD programme in informatics is specified by Skövde University's admissions regulations (see link under "Documents", only in Swedish). To be admitted as a PhD student in informatics you need

  • to be employed at the University or have funding through a salary from another employer
  • to have the ability to complete the program and
  • to meet the following entry requirements

You meet the general entry requirements if you

  • have been awarded a degree at advanced level (master's) or
  • have ben awarded at least 240 credits of which at least 60 credits are at advanced level or
  • in any other way, in Sweden or abroad, have acquired principally the equivalent knowledge.

You meet the specific entry requirements if you

  • have completed academic courses of at least 60 credits, including independent thesis writing of at least 15 credits at advanced level, within the field Informatics, applicable areas of a similar kind or other fields which are judged as directly relevant for the licentiate or PhD thesis.
  • have English language competence equivalent to English 6/English B (see below).

English language requirements

  • The basic English language requirement is at least English 6/English B, or an equivalent.
  • Applicants with an academic degree from a Nordic higher education institution are assessed to meet the English language requirement.
  • Students who have studied at the university level may be exempt from submitting formal test evidence of their English abilities (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge). For a list of exemptions, please click here.
  • All other applicants must demonstrate their English abilities through an internationally recognised English test (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge).
    For accepted language tests and minimum results required, please click here.