Find out more about how to fund your PhD training at the University of Skövde


PhD studies at the University of Skövde are funded, as a rule, by a PhD student employment which is a temporary employment until the PhD degree is taken, but no longer than 5 years. The position comprises at least 80 % PhD studies and up to 20% departmental duties like teaching and administrative tasks. The salary for PhD students with a PhD student employment follows a wage ladder, which means that there is no individual salary negotiation.

Even lecturers (Swedish: adjunkter) have the opportunity to participate in a PhD programme as part of their skills development. However, the University of Skövde offers no scholarships or study grants.

PhD students with positions in the private sector

PhD students with a position in the private sector (Swedish: industridoktorand), receive their funding by their employer while being enrolled at the University of Skövde.

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