Registering and reporting in Ladok

Information and results of your PhD training are recorded in Ladok (the Swedish system for study administration within higher education). When PhD students are admitted to PhD studies they are registered in Ladok. During the PhD training, the main or primary supervisor is responsible for reporting the PhD student’s present level of academic achievement such as degree of activity and course results.

PhD course credits

After completion of a PhD course, the results must be reported to the university administration for registration Ladok.

Compulsory courses

The examiner is responsible for reporting course credits for compulsory courses to the degree evaluation officers (see "contact"). The main supervisor does not have to approve the registration since these courses are regulated in the general syllabus.

Optional courses

  1. The examiner fills out a course certificate and distributes it to all PhD students who passed (download under "Further resources").
  2. The PhD student fills out form 4:5 (download under "Further resources"), attaches the course certificate and gives it to the main supervisor.
  3. The main supervisor approves and signs the form and sends it together with the course certificate to the degree officers (see "contact" on the right side of this page).
  4. The degree officers register the course in Ladok and files the cource certificate as permanent evidence that the PhD student passed the course.

Credit transfer

PhD students may also apply for a credit transfer ("tillgodoräknande") of courses attended outside the PhD programme if they are relevant to the individual study plan. These can include courses on advanced/master's level or PhD courses from other universities. Please notice: courses that are demanded in the entry requirements of the PhD programme may not be counted.

Type of funding and degree of activity

The main supervisor is responsible for reporting the PhD student’s degree of activity, type of funding and completed level of PhD studies at the end of each semester. The research officer will contact the main supervisor for obtaining information.

Requesting a certificte of registration or Ladok transcript

You can request a certificate of registration or a Ladok transcript by contacting one of our degree officers (see "Contact"). It is not possible to order certificates or transcripts from other universities. You must contact the respective university and request the documents there.

Further resources

Ansökan om registrering av poäng för forskarstuderande - individuell kurs eller tillgodoräknande av kurs (word) - Sv 4:5

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