Simulation-based optimization of factory layouts

My name is Enrique Ruiz Zúiga and I am a PhD student in IPSI. In my research, I look more closely at simulation-based optimization of factory layouts. I started my research in May 2015 and is expected to be completed in early 2020. My research is partly financed by Xylem Water Solutions and is carried out in close cooperation with them.

IPSI Ph.D student Enrique on Simulation-based optimization of factory layouts

Sweden is an advanced manufacturing country and a large number of manufacturing companies have their most qualified operations in the country. Despite this, many production plants do not currently have optimized flows on the factory floor. This, in turn, limits production, then competitiveness and growth in Swedish industry. By working with simulation-based optimization, in combination with LEAN and industry 4.0, my research is about improving the factory layout.

Increased flexibility as a driving force

This specific area is interesting to Swedish industry because many production facilities in the country have a long history and have not come all the way in optimizing the factory layout. Companies offer an extensice product range and also  many customized solutions. This, combined with a low volume, requires that production is flexible and can quickly change to be able to compete in the global market.

IPSI Ph.D student Enrique on Simulation-based optimization of factory layouts

The companies can evaluate different layouts 

The project will investigate how simulation-based optimization could be used to improve the factory layout in production and logistics systems. Through the solutions developed, the industry can evaluate different layouts on its production systems already at the concept stage and ensure that the chosen structure contributes to fulfilling the company's objectives.

Xylem Water Solutions active industrial partner

The research is done in collaboration with the industrial partner Xylen Water Solutions, an international water pump manufacturer. The research will mean that new parameters from the 3D layout are included in the production and logistics optimization. The goal is to develop generic methods that take into account the actual surface area / volume when optimal flows develop. The research will also entail a change of an existing facility at Xylen Water Solutions.


Contact Information


Enrique Ruiz Zúñiga
Program responsible for engineering exchange students
School of Engineering Science
Phone: +46(0)500-448618

Supervisors and mentors

  • Principal supervisor - Matias Urenda Moris Uppsala University
  • Primary supervisor - Anna Syberfeldt University of Skövde
  • Industrial mentor - Johnny Fält, Xylem Water Solutions
  • IPSI management team