Efficient use of product lifecycle management (PLM) for integrated product and process development

My name is Iman Morshedzadeh and I'm a PhD student within IPSI. I am developing an information structure for managing virtual models and their related data, in the product lifecycle management (PLM) context. I started my research in April, 2015 and plan on being finished in 2020. This research is partly funded by Volvo Cars Engine factory, and the results of this research will be used by them for implementation of a PLM system in their factory.

Industridoktorand Iman forskar på produktlivscykelförbättring
Industrial PhD student Iman Morshedzadeh develops an improved product life cycle management that handles virtual models.

The research is about the efficient use of product lifecycle management (PLM) for integrated product and process development. Integrated product and process development is one of the main issues in a live business, and companies try to shorten product development time. This not only to reduce costs, but also to catch market opportunities. Different varieties of products make the product development more complicated, and product life cycle management systems try to shorten the time to market. 

Improving the use of PLM

Anything that is produced and offered to the markets can be a product. Computers, software, table and foods are different kinds of products. Each product is created in a specific time and has a life cycle. Duration of a product life cycle can be only a few seconds or many years, but this life ends at a specified time.

PhD student Iman Morshedzadeh studies product lifecycle
Figure shows product life cycle

Benefits of managing PLC

The life of the product from first stage to the end is defined as Product Life Cycle (PLC). There are many benefits in the management of the product life cycles. For example, with the managing of PLC, products can be offered to the markets at the right time. On the other hand, with PLC management (PLM), companies can reduce product related costs. Finding customer requirements, faster product development, scheduling of maintenance programs and producing with lower costs are some of the main advantages of PLM.

For this research, the process phase of product lifecycle will be surveyed, and the role of process data in product development will be clarified. Process data has been generated in different engineering software programs and this research tries to clarify them as the first step, and specify their roles and effects in product development.

Iman research aspect of research
Different stages of the research project

PLM system, a suitable place for storage

This research tries to use the PLM system as a platform to improve an integrated product and process development, according to their generated data. The aim of this project is to introduce an applicable procedure, to use process data for the optimization of product development.



Iman Morshedzadeh
School of Engineering Science
PhD Student
Email: iman.morshedzadeh@his.se
Work: 0500-448537
Room: PA210A

Supervisors and Mentors

People directly involved in my research are:
• Main Supervisor – Professor Amos H. C. Ng, University of Skövde
• Primary Supervisor – Tehseen Aslam, University of Skövde
• Industrial Mentor – Rodney Brewster, Volvo Cars
• Board of directors of IPSI