Framework for information management

My name is Martin Brodin and I am an industrial Ph.D student in the business school IPSI. I started my research in 2013 and plan to be ready in early 2020. I study half-time, rest of the time I am employed by Actea Consulting AB, working there as an information security consultant.

Martin Brodin Industrial PhD student new framework for information management
Martin Brodin, IPSI PhD student developing a framework for information management.

In the work as information security consultants me and my colleagues at Actea Consulting AB has discovered that more and more organisations ask for help to make their information secure due to new ways of accessing the information.

The boundaries between work and private life are blurred

In society today the boundaries between categories are becoming blurred since the same media and equipment are being used for both private and business purposes. For example, there are a large number of social media sites and cloud services that are used for both private and business activities. Many organisations allow their employees to use the same device at the office and at home.

These new and complex technical and organisational environments require not only a higher consciousness of individuals and the organization about the implications. They also set higher demands of the organisation's information security functions and information architecture.

New framework to guide organizations

The aim of this research is to develop a framework for organisations to handle the new security concerns that occurred in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) irruption, when employees started to bring their private devices to work and try to hook them up to the network. Although BYOD is a central piece at the start of the changing information environment this research will not be limited to BYOD.

The framework shall be grounded in the ISO/IEC 27 000-family and guide organisations into a safe path with their information and devices.


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