Simulation based life cycle assessment of production processes

My name is Yu Liu and I am a PhD student in the industrial research school IPSI. In my research, I work to look more closely at a standard process to evaluate the environmental impact of production processes. I started my research in May 2015 and is expected to be completed in early 2020. This work is partly financed by the Volvo Group and will be carried out in close cooperation with them.

YU Liu

The European Commission presented an action plan for Sustainable Consumption and Production and an action plan for a sustainable industrial policy. This means that new and stricter policy measures will begin in the near future, which puts pressure on the industry. My research project will contribute to sustainable development and support to minimize the environmental impact of production processes.

Develops methodology to facilitate the industry

The purpose of my research project is to facilitate the use of life cycle analysis in production flow simulation. It aims to develop a standard process LCA-methodology that can later be used to evaluate the environmental impact of production processes in detail.

Research results

The results of my research should be used to help the industry improve its environmental performance in the company's production operations and comply with the future legislation.


Contact information

Yu Liu
PhD. student
School of Engineering Science
Research Assistant
Work: 0500-448598
Room: PA220N

Supervisors and mentors

  • Principal supervisor - Professor Anna Syberfeldt, University of Skövde
  • Primary Supervisor - Mats Jägstam, University of Skövde
  • Industrial mentor - Henrik Kloo, Volvo Group.
  • IPSI management team