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The Hypnotic State (Kallio, Hyönä, Revonsuo, Sikka, Nummenmaa, 2011

Hypnosis has long been a controversial topic in psychology and neurology. The basic character of the hypnotic phenomenon is still unclear and different theoretical approaches disagree on whether or not hypnosis may involve an altered mental state. This article presents a detailed case study of a very hypnotizable individual with abnormalities in eye movements during hypnotic state that is not possible to imitate with their own will. The study's data show a hypnotic state that is qualitatively different from our normal state of consciousness.

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Threat Simulation Theory (Valli & Revonsuo, 2009)

This article presents a review of studies conducted to test the Threat Simulation Theory (TST) by using the Dream Threat Scale (DTS). Even other relevant research in relation to TST are reviewed and summarized. The theory (TST), which suggests that dreams about threatening events have a biological function, are strongly supported by earlier research.

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