SMARTDIAGNOS, rapid detection of sepsis

Sepsis is a potentially fatal immune response to bacterial- and fungal infection in the human body. Early diagnosis is crucial.

SMARTDIAGNOS will achieve 1-3 hours diagnosis time by multiplex technology, decreasing morbidity and mortality up to 20%. The SMARTDIAGNOS project will advance sepsis diagnosis by simplifying clinical sample analysis methods and integrating the currently required numerous steps into a single streamlined device. The system will go beyond the state of the art and achieve shorter time, higher sensitivity (95%), higher selectivity (99%), multiplexing capacity, antimicrobial resistance profiling and automation. 

Fast and correct sepsis diagnosis will improve patient outcome and shorten intensive care stays, thus reducing health costs.Poster



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Group picture kickoff February 2016


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New instruments for blood poisoning save lives (Press Release)

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Full name of the project: 
SMARTDIAGNOS, new technology for faster diagnosis of sepsis

Durance: 2016-02-01 – 2020-01-31

Financed by:
EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 687697

Collaborating partners/partnership:
Unilabs (Sweden), TATAA Biocenter (Sweden), Danish Technical University, DTU (Denmark), Scandinavian Micro Biodevices, SMB (Denmark), Copenhagen Business School, CBS (Denmark), Deutsches Institut für Normung, DIN (Germany), CubeDx GmbH (Austria), Danube University Krems (Austria), Charles University Prague (Czech Republic)

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Researchers related to the current project

Helena Enroth, PhD, Adjunct professor, Unilabs