Members of the research group

Anna Syberfeldt, Professor

Amos Ng, Professor

Torgny Almgren (GKN Aerosapce), Adjunct Professor

Lihui Wang, Visiting Professor

Philip Moore, Visiting Professor

Kalyanmoy Deb, Visiting Professor 

Magnus Holm, Head of the Division (PhD)

Lotten Sevensson, Deputy Head of Division (PhD)

Bertil Thorvaldsson, Senior Advisor

Leif Pehrsson (Volvo Cars), Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Marcus Frantzén (Volvo Cars), Associate Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Bernard Schmidt, Associate Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Gary Linnéusson, Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Göran Adamson, Senior Lecturer

Masood Fathi, Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Matias Urenda Moris, Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Mattias Strand, Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Richard Senington, Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Stefan Ericson, Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Sunith Bandaru, Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Tehseen Aslam, Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Kaveh Amouzgar, Associate Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Wei Wang, Associate Senior Lecturer (PhD)

Amir Nourmohammadi, Research Assistant (PhD)

Ingemar Karlsson, Research Assistant (PhD)

Jacob Bernedixen, Research Assistant (PhD)

Martin Andersson, Research Assistant (PhD)

Ainhoa Goienetxea, PhD Student

Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz, PhD Student

Enrique Ruiz Zúñiga PhD Student

Henrik Smedbrg, PhD Student

Iman Morshedzadeh, PhD Student

Niklas Land, PhD Student

Oscar Danielsson, PhD Student

Patrik Gustavsson, PhD Student

Yu Liu, PhD Student

Klas Hedenberg, Lecturer

Mikel Ayani, Lecturer

Miranda Kedbäck, Lecturer

Niclas Strand, Lecturer

Raquel Quesada Diaz, Lecturer

Rikard Ed, Lecturer

Tom Ekblom, Lecturer

Tönu Köks, Lecturer

Victor Hedén, Lecturer

Adrian Sánchez de Ocãna Torroba, Research Assistant

Andrè Geertsen, Research Assistant

Marie Schnell, Research Assistant

Martin Birtic, Research Assistant

Rasmus Willén, Research Assistant


Where to find us

Most of us hold office in the university's research building Portalen, 2nd floor.

Address: Kanikegränd 3A, Skövde, Sweden.

GPS N 58.39342 E 13.85797