One of the most important aims of any manufacturing value chain is to align and combine many objectives, i.e. strategic, tactical and operational, in various stages, i.e. production, plant or supply chain level, so that they work towards a common goal – increasing the efficiency and profitability of the overall manufacturing value chain.

SPOTon is a two-year research project aimed at helping industry with decision support at various levels; ranging from production line level to entire factory and supply chain. The key issues in the research project are that by means of simulation and optimization, not only find the optimal system settings for the different levels in the value chain but also integrate these levels as well as align KPIs through these levels.

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Project leader

The project in short

Fully name of project:
Strategic Production Optimization Techniques on Network level (SPOTon)

2016-06-01 – 2018-06-01

Financed by:
The Knowledge Foundation

2,87 MSEK

Collaborating partners/Partnership:
- Högskolan i Skövde
- Volvo Cars
- Svenska Lantägg