Digital Albert

This page gives overall information about the project.

The purpose of the research project Digital Albert (KK-stiftelsen Dnr. 2007/0137) is to improve the efficiency of product development processes by exchanging knowledge and experiences about user centred design methods and technologies between the two branches: vehicle and health care industries. The health care industry can benefit from visualisation and simulation tools that include computer manikins, a physical representation of the human, and the vehicle industry can benefit from manikins having personal characteristics, which has proven to be successful in the health care industry.



Project leader

Dan Högberg, University of Skövde
Maria Wårell, ArjoHuntleigh (Industry based project leader)


Academic institutions / Research organisations

- University of Skövde
- Lund University

Industrial partners

- Volvo Cars
- ArjoHuntleigh


The project is funded by:
- KK-stiftelsen, VINNOVA, SSF, ISA och Vårdalstiftelsen
- The participating organisations


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