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The project 3D-SILVER (Decision-making Support using Information in Layout Visualization and Ergonomics Representation) (Vinnova, Produktion2030, 2015-01451) aims to provide decision makers in producing industries with better virtual tools for layout planning, ergonomics assessment and workplace design. By combining ergonomics simulation programs with point cloud technology, workplaces that are both efficient and ergonomic could be created. Within the project, a simulation program will be coupled with a real factory environment using point cloud technology. With this technology it is possible to scan a factory and create a realistic copy of it in a 3D environment on the computer. With 3D-SILVER as a virtual tool, one should be able to make smart factory layouts where ergonomics evaluations can be made in the virtual world, early in the design process. This will create workplaces that are both efficient, and good for the people who work there. 



Project leader

Björn Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology


Academic institutions / Research organisations

- Chalmers University of Technology
- Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre (FCC)
- University of Skövde

Industrial partners

- Combitech Systems AB
- GKN Aerospace
- Scania CV AB


The project is funded by:
- Vinnova, Produktion2030
- The participating organisations

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